Keep track of your kids' pocket money with Henry and Isabel's Pocket Money Manager

Keep track of what their pocket money total is week by week, month by month.
Record what they bought and how much it was quickly and easily on your phone or computer.
Give your kids the experience of watching their money grow, and disappear again when they spend it!

The Henry and Isabel bank ( is the fun but serious name for our website and phone app that allows parents and kids to all know how much pocket money allowance has been given, spent and saved with a couple of clicks or taps.

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Henry and Isabel

We are two of the youngest CEOs in the world and we run this bank.

We are a couple of regular kids (not that keen on school-work, full of energy and like buying stuff with our pocket money). We are always pestering our parents to buy us stuff, yet they never know how much pocket money we've got because we don't carry our piggy banks (or wallets & purses) around with us all the time!

We live in a tiny country called Andorra. Have you heard of it? We don't know it yet (says dad), but we are very lucky because we speak 4 languages (Catalan, French, Spanish and English). That means we can make available in all those languages (one day).

If you have any query, or even just want to say hello please get in touch.


After years of experience we've put together a system that handles just about anything that goes in the pocket money world.

Select your base currency USD, EUR, GBP, AUD etc. Select how often you get your allowance: Weekly, Monthly etc. The system will automatically credit your child's account with that amount, on the schedule you specify.

You're in a store, and your kid is hassling you to buy something. They don't have their pocket money with them - it's sitting on the shelf at home. Have they got enough pocket money to buy this? Just whip out the app and check the current balance. If yes, then enter the cost of the item straight into their account.
Get money from friends or family? Simply take the money from Grandma, the adult put's it in their pocket. Fire up the app and record the amount which is then credited to the child's account. Works with any currency.
Kids want a subscription to something like a magazine or online streaming like Netflix? No problem. Set up the payment on the parent's credit card, then simply enter the same amount, currency and period into your account and that amount will be deducted from the child's account on the same schedule.

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Okay so two kids coundn't come up with this at their age. No that's true. The big pusher is Dad. He's a programmer and works on internet sites with lots of traffic.

Dad is keen to make his own life easier by knowing what he owes in pocket money to Henry and Isabel. Wants to show them how hard it is to build an internet site, market it and manage it.
Also on the plus side doesn't cost any more than his time, as the site and app run on the back of some of the big servers that he uses for his programming work.